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Nature-Inspired Playground Equipment

2019-09-04 10:10:43

Nature-Inspired Playground Equipment

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The world of today looks far different than that of our grandparents’ day and age. Technology is dominating our kids’ lives, from TVs to tablets, and childhood obesity has become an epidemic. It’s more important than ever for our kids to spend time outdoors enjoying nature, but many parents prefer the safety of public parks and playgrounds.

Nature-inspired playgrounds combine the wonder of the great outdoors with durable and safe play equipment. Best of all, kids get the physical activity they need while adventuring and learning about the complexities of the natural world that’s all around them. Miracle Recreation wants to give little ones the opportunity to grow and play by providing playground equipment that is fun, safe and of the highest quality. Plus, many of our components include exciting nature-inspired design elements that give kids the thrill of exploring the great outdoors.

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Why Utilize a Nature-Themed Playground

Many parents don’t feel safe letting their kids roam the outdoors freely. So, how are we to reintroduce kids to the great outdoors?

Nature-themed playgrounds strike the perfect balance between safe, manufactured play equipment and nature. Kids come in contact with playground components that are inspired by natural colors and textures in the confines of a safe space designed to optimize their play experience.

What a Nature-Themed Playground Entails

Whether it’s a public park or a playground at a school, kids enjoy nature-inspired playgrounds. After all, playing outside comes naturally to children. They love making up games as they climb over rocks or balance on tree stumps. At FEIYOU outdoor playground, we offer a variety of natural playground elements that make it easy to create a nature-themed playground. They blend the beauty and wonder of nature with the safety, durability and age appropriateness found in manufactured equipment.

Each of the components is designed to look and feel as real as possible, providing an authenticity kids love, from rugged boulders to logs that feature a real bark-like texture. As kids maneuver through rope equipment, rocks and stumps, they build upper body and core strength, preparing them for further adventures beyond the playground.


If you’re ready to create your custom nature-themed playground design, contact FEIYOU outdoor playground today.


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