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Community amusement center

2018-05-16 05:24:53

The construction of city community environment is getting better and better, the residents always  walking in the community at leisure time ,it become an leisure center after working time. Amusement facilities become a popularity explosion thing.

Our company specializing in the production of outdoor playground equipment and other plastic toys which popular in the community to enrich the leisure time after whole hard working.

In the city center, we do not have more free land to build amusement park , only with limited land for kids is not enough. So the other way we have to choose some place in the country side, that far always from living area. Its not convenient for children to play. But if we can build the amusement facilities outside the door( the leisure center of community)I,t will help a lot, the kids can play everyday. We do not have to worry about the long distance, and the time waste on the road.  And another point we can combine the amusement center together with baby nursery school , the parents can leave in the short time.  

the investment of  community play center is with a lot of potential success factors.1. the business is not complicated, easy to start  ,2. Small investment. 3. Without high technical support.

Here some suggestions of how to choose the place

1.     Site selection

Consider the environment around, shall far from big amusement park

2.     Consider the area size of community center, to choose  suitable playground.



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