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preschool outdoor play equipment whole design

preschool outdoor play equipment whole design

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Product Description

Outdoor playground planning

Outdoor playground planning is not only design with flat ground, feiyou professional design team take advantages of ground situation, where with water pool, planet, the site facilities to create a new  play area, together with our playground slide. Especially for custom made playground, its not only with the function of play, also can be a decorate for play environment .

Project design for Country garden china, Fortune 500 companies.


Products including: wooden custom made play structure, swing, seesaw, rope play.

                 Music play games, interactive play area, climbing area.


Play area: toddler play area, school age kids play area.


Area space:


How to begin your playground planning?

  1. Selecting playground site

  2. Make a playground area layout

  3. Select Playground play style

  4. Information communication begin to playground design.









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