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LLDPE as a Eco-friendly raw material is widely used in the outdoor playground

When building a playground, whether for a school, community or residential property, nothing is more important than safety. One of the critical parts of a safe playground is the surfacing material used.

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Modern garden playground

Modern playground allows unrestricted and safe fun in the open air not only for children of all ages, but also for young people.

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When office workers are under pressure every day, they can't release it

When office workers are under pressure every day, they can't release it. When you need to take care of your child every day, you lose your freedom; even when your child is introverted and not confident, you might as well try to play on the trampoline.

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FEI YOU Provides Safe, Secure and Fun Playground Equipment

With the right outdoor playground equipment and surfacing, you can transform an ordinary area into a fascinating playscape for children to play. Give your visitors an engaging, challenging space where they can be active and make memories.

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Our new factory building is under construction

As you can see, the construction work is being processed in full swing,

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Feiyou playgrounds ignites the idea that you never dreamt possible for your community park and Kindergarten.

Our future designs come into play from your imagination. Feiyou’s creative games help develop unforgettable childhood memories worldwide. Let’s build amazing things together.

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The popular of DIY rope climbing net

To say that the amusement industry has gradually risen and become popular in recent years, it must be counted as outdoor climbing rope net.

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Disable Children

When a child has healthy limbs,they can run freely in the park。They can even run up and down the outdoor palyground in the park and have a lot of fun.

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