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used disabled fitness equipment/outdoor exercise for public park

used disabled fitness equipment/outdoor exercise for public park

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Product Description

FEIYOU is one of the leading China outdoor fitness equipment manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. When we are trying to keep balance with our work and life, never forget our healthy. Our outdoor fitness equipment provides a good chance to build our body. We have different type, which training our arms, leg, back, waist to achieve health life after working with fitness 


Item FY12712

Handicap Lat Pull Down & Chest Press 

We have been believing that quality is the soul of the products. We assure that our products will kee in very good condition after long time use or even in the harsh climatic conditions. All the parts will keep high durability between the temperature -50°C~50°C. 


Outdoor Handicap Fitness Equipment                                      Handicap Lat Pull Down & Chest Press     FY12712


Function:  Increases strength in the upper arms, shoulders, back and chest.


Lat Pull Down                                                                                                                                                                                             

1.         Sit upright in the seat with the back vertical and pushed firmly against the seat rest;

2.         Firmly grip both handles;

3.         In a slow and controlled manner pull down until hands are at chest height;

4.         Slowly return to the start position;

5.         Breaths out as you pull down, inhale as you return to the start position;

6.         Increase repeats as strength improves.                                                                                                                          

Seated Chest Press                                                                                                                                                                                  

1.         Sit upright in the seat maintaining a straight back;

2.         Take hold of the handgrips in front of you with both hands and then push forward until your arms are almost fully extended and straight;

3.         Slowly bring your arms back to the starting position;

4.         Maintain a smooth, controlled movement during the exercise and do not lock elbows;

5.         Exhale when pushing out, and inhale when pulling back;

6.         Increase repeats as fitness improves.


Product size (cm)

2400×750×1950mm (L*W*H)

Safety Area (cm)

3000×3000mm (L*W)




Available in any colors, also can be customized


Upright Post:10×10 Twice Hot-Dip Zinc Steel Square Tubes, thickness 3mm;

All spare parts are galvanized before welding or assembly;

Screw: 304# Stainless Steel Bolts & Screw;

For all Feiyou outdoor fitness equipment, we just apply with twice Hot-dip Zinc Steel Tubes; and for every welding part, we will make the anti-rust process (galvanization).

Apply to

Communities, residential park, uptown park, leisure place,

activity center, garden, playground.


Cotton  inside and pp film outside.

Warranty Period

2 years for plastic part, 3 years for metal structure


1.Please check the screws and other catchers regularly to assure the firm structure.

2.Please make sure that all the kids play with adult supervision.

3.Blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor are forbidden.


Main Production Procedure


Metal Parts: 

Law Material Preparing(Blanking)→Pipe Bending→Hole-punch→Welding →Burnish→Sand Blasting→Zinc-powder Coating→Color-powder coating



Packing Details:

1. Export Standard Packing: 

2) Metal Parts: Cotton insider and PP Film outside.

2. Customized Packing is available.

3. Delivery Detail: 7-10 days after receiving your deposit


Why choose us ?

1. Premium Quality for High Reliability 

(1)Standardized production;  

(2)Specialized management;

(3)Strict quality control;

(4)Certificates: ISOI4001, ISOI8000, ISO9001 & GS from TUV Company of Germany.

2. Competitive Price 

3. Unique Design 

4. Excellent Service 

5. Solutions for Any Budget


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